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The things we choose to own are extensions of ourselves. Whether you like simple designs and clean lines or bold statements and splashes of color, everything we make together will tell a story.

Craving a statement piece for your home or office? Or maybe a memorable gift for your friend? No two pieces of timber are the same. Everything we make is legitimately one-of-a-kind. And the best part is you get to leave your own fingerprint on the project. It’s fun to be creative. It’s more fun to collaborate. Here’s how it works:

The Process

  1. Visualize it – first, we talk. We talk about what furniture you want, who it’s for, where it will live, how big it should be, etc.
  2. Pick your woodgrain – From the rolling hills surrounding Austin, Texas, we primarily work with cedar, cypress and spalted pecan, as well as walnut, maple, popular and purple heartwood.
  3. Choose your cut – live edge, etc.
  4. Select your structure – talk about the base/legs, etc.
  5. Find your finish – something about epoxy and minerals
  6. Personalize it – ?

Together, we can turn inspiration into any piece of functional art or furniture. Most people ask for tables because they’re where memories are made. Tables invite family and friends to gather, relax and recline. We enjoy meals, play games, share laughs and tell stories around tables. Every knick, knack and scratch adds character over time. Who knows, maybe this will be the table where your grandkids tell stories about you.

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